Tamping Rammer

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WackerFrom the wide product portfolio of Wacker Neuson equipment, we offer Wacker Neuson Tamping Rammer to guarantee first-class soil compaction results. It is developed to ensure maximum productivity, performance, and durability. It is used on construction sites, in gardening and landscaping, or for municipal construction work. However, it is also suitable for compaction work indoors or in trenches.  Its Compact design offers easy operation.


Additional information

Length x width x height

675 x 345 x 965 mm

Shoe size (w x l)

280 x 336 mm

Operating weight

66 KG

Shipping weight (including packaging)

71 KG

Shipping size

990 x 380 x 690 mm


80 mm

Percussion rate

700 1/min

Travel speed

9.8 m/min

Max. area capacity

164 m^2/h

Engine Type

air-cooled, 2-cycle, single cylinder Wacker Neuson WM 80, gasoline engine


80 cm^3

Max. Rated Power at Rated Speed*

1.8 kW at 4400 rpm

Power Rating Specification

80/1269/EEC, ISO3046-1

Fuel to oil ratio


Fuel consumption

1.2 l/h

Fuel tank capacity

3 l

Oil Tank Capacity

0.7 l


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