Bar Bending Machine INDIAN (Planetary) 32mm

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  • The main feature of our bar bending machine is that it has an inching panel that allows the machine to move according to our needs.
  • It is built with all of the necessary safety features, such as an OLR (overload relay), high-voltage protection, and low-voltage protection.

Our Indian Planetary Bar Bending Machine is the most recent and secure machine in the market. We have our own manufacturing facility. This machine is equipped with a Planetary gearbox.
Our Bar Bending machine is simple to use, quiet, and does not require frequent oiling. It is also fully maintained.

Want to know how our Planetary Bar Bending Machine works?

Check out the video below, which will help you use Our INDIAN Planetary Bar bending Machine with a planetary gearbox.

Additional information

Bending Diameter

TMT Rebars 6 to 32 MM

Bend Wheel Dia


RPM of Bend Wheel


Motor Power

5 HP – 415 Voltage – 3 Phase

Motor Type


Motor Speed

1440 RPM

Machine Type



350 Kgs

Other Features

Oil free Gearbox. Accident free Machine.