Stirrup Ring Making Machine

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Our Stirrup Ring Making Machine is widely appreciated for its enormous features such as high efficiency, excellent performance, sturdiness, and durability. Precisely manufactured by employing state-of-the-art technology and optimum quality components, various models of our advanced Ring Making Machine (i.e. GF20 and GF20 Single Phase, GF20 Digital, GF25, and GF20N) are suitable for the building sites and rebar processing factory.

Additional information

Single Wire

Φ5 – 13 [mm]

Double Wire

Φ5 – 10 [mm]

Max. Bending Angle

±180° [Double Direction]

Max. Bending Speed

900 [°/sec]

Max. Pulling Speed

100 [m/min]

Mandrel Diameter

Φ13 – Φ30 [mm]

Length Tolerance

± 1 [mm]

Bending Tolerance

± 1°

Average air-compressed consumption


Average Electric Power Consumption

5 kW/h


415 V – 50 Hz

Working Environmental Temperature

-50 C to 400C

Overall Dimension

3300 × 1000 × 1900 [mm]


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