How to Safely Operate a Suspended Rope Platform?

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Suspended rope platform or gondolas are important construction machinery. They are used for carrying workers or engineers working at a height during installations of several working materials.

The suspended platform is a high-efficiency modern overhead operating equipment that can be reused and can replace a typical scaffold. In general, there are two types of suspended scaffolding: manual and electric. It is widely used in high-rise building exterior wall construction, curtain wall installation, and exterior wall cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of Using a Suspended Rope Platform

As suspended rope platform suppliers in Gujarat, we have listed the importance of gondolas.

The suspended rope platform is quickly replacing traditional bamboo and metal scaffolding. Its safety features include Digital Load Cell, Anti Tilting, and Anti Sway Restriction Devices. It is simple to assemble, disassemble, shift, store, and transport, and installation takes only 1-2 days with minimal manpower. It has a long lifespan, is simple to maintain and repair, and has a high resale/reuse value. Because the RSP may be used for operating at heights, it has become essential for large project tendering. The suspended rope platform has a huge size and flexible features so that workers feel more comfortable using it.

Safety Gadgets Included in the Suspended Rope Platform

  • Safety Device
  • Centrifugal Speed Limiter
  • Electromagnetic Brake with the manual release
  • Over Hoist / Top Limit Switch:
  • Anti-Tilting Cut off
  • Anti-Sway Restriction:
  • Locking arrangement for upper counterweights
  • Hammer weight for wire rope locking
  • Panelboard Lock & key

Safety Working of Suspended Working Platform

As a trusted suspended rope platform supplier in Gujarat, it is our duty to inform our clients of the safe usage of gondolas. Gondola accidents are very common due to insufficient knowledge of its workings. We have mentioned all the necessary precautions to be taken care of before operating suspended rope platforms.

Every operation on a suspended working platform should have a safe work system in place. Project engineers, safety professionals, Jobsite staff, and building management should create and approve the safety parameters and elements, which should then be presented to everyone involved in the project. A competent person should monitor and supervise the safe system of work, ensuring that each and every action of the suspended working platform poses no risk to those working inside or around the platform.

Safety Protocols to be Followed For Using Suspended Rope Platforms

  • Operational planning and evaluation, including the selection of an appropriate suspended working platform for the job and working environment.
  • Using a tried and true method of installation and ways of securing the suspended working platform’s stability.
  • A skilled tester tests and thoroughly examines the suspended working platform.
  • On-site maintenance and periodic maintenance.
  • The suspended working platform’s operation and maintenance manual, logbook, repair record, and certificates of test and examination.
  • A capable individual to install, move, and dismantle the suspended working platform.
  • Use of the suspended working platform is prohibited in hazardous conditions.
  • Supervision and monitoring of the safety safeguards and measures in place.

Safety precautions are an important protocol we advise our customers towards. For the welfare of our customers, our above-mentioned details are beneficial for the safe operation of the suspended rope platform.

If you require more assistance towards safe operations, talk to our suspended rope platform suppliers.

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