High Frequency Internal Vibrators

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Productivity and long service life are some of the outstanding characteristics of the Wacker Neuson IREN’s range of High-Frequency Internal Vibrators. Even under tough application conditions, these high-frequency internal vibrators will convince with an all-around consistently high compaction performance. Equipped with a high-performance electric motor and the induction-hardened vibrator head ensures high wear resistance.

Additional information

Vibrator head lenght

353 mm

Vibrator head


Shipping size(lenght)

600 mm

shipping size(width)

200 mm

shipping size(hight)

450 mm

Vibrator head weight

1,4 kg

Protection hose

5,0 kg

Operating weight

11,3 kg

shipping weight (including pakaging)

12,2 kg

Effective compaction

40 cm

Vibration frequency

12.000 1/min


0.20 KW


48 V


240 Hz

Rated current

3,1 A

Supply cable

15,0 m

Power Train

Directly from the built in the electric motor to the vibration system

Drive engine

3- phase high frequency squirrel cage induction motor for connection to e.g. wacker Neuson frequency and voltage converter


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