Bar Bending Machine upto 40 mm

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Smit Corporation offers a Highly Productive and Accurate Bar Bending Machine / TMT bar bending machine which is approved for all industry standards, our bar bending machine is very easy to use and requires minimal maintenance.

Bar Bending Machine is an essential tool in any construction setting. The machine is suitable for bending a variety of construction equipment like steel bars, TMT, and reinforcement bars.

It is useful for all types of bends. We offer various models of Bar Bending Machines like i.e. GW42, GW42 New, GW42J, and GW50 with the following specifications, useful in the building and construction industries. 

Additional information

Bending Rebar Diameter

6 to 42 mm

Plate Diameter

360 mm

Bending Speed

10-20 r/min

Motor Power

4 kW, 5.5 HP Voltage : 415 V

Motor Speed

1440 r/min


476 Kg

Motor Type

Break Motor

Machine Type

Belt Driven


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