Automatic Rebar Stirrup Machine

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Smit’s Automatic Rebar Stirrup Machine ensures high performance for its reliable design and high-quality material built up. With its whopping production capacity per month (i.e. 200-250 Tons with 10 Hours x 2 shifts/Day and 26 Days/month), Our automatic Rebar Stirrup Machine is widely known for its efficient power consumption as well as excellent performance.

Additional information

Single Wire

5 – 13 [mm]

Double Wire

5 – 10 [mm]

Production Capacity Per Month

200-250 Tons with 10 Hours * 2 Shift/Day & 26 Days/Month

Max. Bending Angle

+-180 Degree [Double Direction]

Max. Bending Speed

900 [ Degree/sec]

Max. Pulling Speed

100 [m/min]

Mandrel Diameter

13 – 30 [mm]

Length Tolerance

+- 1 [mm]

Bending Tolerance

+- 1 Degree

Average air-compressed consumption


Average Electric Power Consumption

5 kW/h

Labeled Electric Power



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