3 Important Bar Bending Machine Safety Rules When in Use

Whether you’re operating a Bar Bending Machine, a Sheet Metal Bending machine, or a Pipe Bending machine working with the bar bending machine can be risky if you don’t take the required safety measures and precautions.

So in order to raise awareness of safe manufacturing practices, we’ve listed important safety tips and precautions you should pursue when using a Bar Bending Machine:

Safety Measures For Using A Bar Bending Machine

  1. Understand the machine and its operations.
  2. Read the instruction manual of the bar bending machine thoroughly before using it.
  3. Get to know as much as you can about its functioning and measures to be taken in case of sudden breakdown from various sources.
  4. Since the Bar Bending machines are heavy, powerful machines it’s advisable to get some first hand training from an experienced individual when using any Bar bending machine for the first time.
  5. Having an experienced engineer walk new users through the use of a Bar bending machine helps increase safety by having someone who knows what is or isn’t normal for that equipment supervising.
  6. Check the placement of the object, Proper placement of the object to be bent is very important. So select the correct bending angle beforehand. Make sure the object (to be bent) is placed parallel to the bender table before you commence your work.
  7. Warming up, When the weather is cold or in Monsoon warm up the Bar bending machine by setting it in motion and allow it to operate for a few minutes before using it.

Safety Measures While Using A Bar Bending Machine

  1. Wear protective safety equipment: Needless to say that the operator must wear the following protective safety equipment to protect himself from any scrap metal or sharp equipment.
  2. Safety Goggles: To protect your eyes from flying particles or rods.
  3. Thick Gloves: To make it easy for you to handle pieces of equipment while protecting your fingers and palms at the same time.
  4. Thick Footwear: For efficient operation of the foot pedal.
  5. Watch your hands: While placing the object on the Bar bending machine, the operator must be very alert and careful about moving his hands on the Bar bending machine. Otherwise, lack of attention can cause severe accidents.
  6. Be careful with foot pedal operation: For safety purposes, the same person who operates the bar bender must operate the foot pedal also.
  7. Handle wet metal sheets with utmost care: The wet surfaces contain moisture, which when mixed with dirt and oil can make the surface of the sheet slippery; thereby making it slippery and hard to grip.
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General Measures:

  1. Operate the Bar Bending machine, only if you are fully conscious and alert. Avoid using the Bar bending machine if you’re unwell due to any reason.
  2. Always keep the work surface clean from any kind of scrap, to avoid any mishap.
  3. Regular inspections of Bar bending equipment are a necessity. Inspect the Bar bending machine before their activation and during the initial startup and carefully record any issues in a repair log. So it can be safely used at the maximum capacity.

These are some of the most important safety tips and precautions you must follow while operating a Bar Bending Machine. If you are Looking Forward to buy a Bar Bending Machine, Contact the most Trusted Bar Bending Machine Manufacturer in Gujarat, SMIT CORPORATION.

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