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  • Vibrator Needles Dealer

    All Vibrator Needles

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    We offer a wide range of Vibrator Needles, extensively used in building industry. We develop these heavy duty vibrator needles in tandem with the norms and guidelines set by the construction and building industry. 

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  • Automatic Rebar Stirrup Machine in Surat, Gujarat - Smit Corporation

    Automatic Rebar Stirrup Machine

    Call for Inquiry Smit’s Automatic Rebar Stirrup Machine ensures high performance for its reliable design and high-quality material built up. With its whopping production capacity per month (i.e. 200-250 Tons with 10 Hours x 2 shifts/Day and 26 Days/month), Our automatic Rebar Stirrup Machine is widely known for its efficient power consumption as well as excellent performance.
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  • Bar Bending Machine Imported (Heavy) - Smit Corporation

    Bar Bending Machine IMPORTED

    Call for Inquiry Smit Corporation offers the Bar Bending Machine Imported, Our Machines are fully maintained and don't need Weekly maintenance. They are fully equipped and will perfectly fit in your construction site.
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  • Bar Bending Machine INDIAN (Planetary) 32mm - Smit Corporation

    Bar Bending Machine INDIAN (Planetary) 32mm

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    • The main feature of our bar bending machine is that it has an inching panel that allows the machine to move according to our needs.
    • It is built with all of the necessary safety features, such as an OLR (overload relay), high-voltage protection, and low-voltage protection.
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  • Bar Bending Machine INDIAN upto 42 mm HEAVY - Smit Corporation

    Bar Bending Machine Indian upto 42 mm HEAVY

    Call for Inquiry Smit Corporation offers the Bar Bending Machine Indian upto 42 mm whose diameter is upto 42mm Heavy. We have our in-build manufacturer team. Our Bar Bending machine is easy to use and is safe with all the safety measures like OLR, High and low Voltage Protection.
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  • Bar bending Machine upto 40 mm - Smit Corporation

    Bar Bending Machine upto 40 mm

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    Smit Corporation offers a Highly Productive and Accurate Bar Bending Machine / TMT bar bending machine which is approved for all industry standards, our bar bending machine is very easy to use and requires minimal maintenance.

    Bar Bending Machine is an essential tool in any construction setting. The machine is suitable for bending a variety of construction equipment like steel bars, TMT, and reinforcement bars.

    It is useful for all types of bends. We offer various models of Bar Bending Machines like i.e. GW42, GW42 New, GW42J, and GW50 with the following specifications, useful in the building and construction industries. 

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  • Bar Cutting Machine manufacturer in Gujarat

    Bar Cutting Machine

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    • Smit Corporation offers duty Bar Cutting Machine with robust construction and high quality components. Mechanical or Hydraulic shear boost of heavy duty frame providing rigidity while shearing large diameter bar.
    • Our GQ series Products (Models- GQ50, GQ40, GQ25, GQ16) can efficiently cut rebar steel, hot rolled steel, screw bar, flat rebar, square and angle bar.
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  • Bar Cutting Machine Imported GQ40 Upto 32 mm.

    Bar Cutting Machine IMPORTED 32 mm Heavy Duty

    Call for Inquiry Smit Corporation Offers the best Bar Cutting machine imported 32mm Heavy-Duty. Our Bar cutting machine's CUTTING DIAMETER is TMT REBARS 6 TO 32 MM, Freq. of Shock Cutting is 30 times / min, MOTOR POWER is 5 HP - 415 Voltage - 3 Phase. Contact us to more.
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  • Bar Decoiling Machine in Gujarat - Smit Corporation

    Bar Decoiling Machine

    Call for Inquiry We offer an effective, reliable, and low maintenance Bar Decoiling Machine, which is mainly used for rebar straightening and Cutting. Manufactured by employing high-grade raw materials and the latest technology, our advanced Machines (7.5kW and 16kW -Models - GTQ4-12A and GTQ4-14) are suitable for the building sites and rebar processing factory.
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  • Bending Machine pin and Accessories - Smit Corporation

    Bending Machine pin and Accessories

    Call for Inquiry We, Smit Corporation established in the year 2018 at Surat and being ISO certified, we are instrumental in providing innovative construction machinery and proficient after sales services & spares at the affordable price, that would contribute to revolutionize the construction equipment segment in India. We offer the best Bending Machine pin and Accessories to help you in your Construction.
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  • Concrete Banana Bucket - Smit Corporation
  • 04-Concrete-Batching-Plant
  • Concrete Cutter or Floor Saw

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    Widely known in the construction industry for its superior cutting performance, Wacker Neuson’s Concrete Cutter/Floor Saw effortlessly offers the highest performance; yet requires very little maintenance. Due to its impressive engine and enormous power reserves, Wacker Neuson’s Concrete Cutter can run tenaciously with utmost reliability even under the most difficult conditions. 

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  • Concrete Groove Cutting Machine

    Concrete Groove Cutting Machine

    Smit Corporation offers a quality-assured Concrete Grove Cutting Machine, which is precision-designed by our skilled personnel using quality proven components and innovative technology in sync with the industry norms. Widely acclaimed for its high strength, rigid structure & easy operating, Smit’s Concrete Groove Cutting Machine is suitable for wet or dry cutting of concrete or asphalt floors.
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  • Concrete Testing Machine
  • Cubemould Dealer
  • Cutting Machine Blades - Smit Corporation
  • Earth Compactor

    As a prominent manufacturer of soil surface compactor, we offer high-quality Earth Compactor which is broadly utilized for different kinds of soil and earth and is highly demanded in several construction works. An Earth Compactor can compact thicker layers of non-cohesive and semi-cohesive soils, subgrade as well as earth, broken rocks, chips, dry concrete, bituminous coarse base, plinth fillings, embankments, foundations, bridge abutments, railway tracks consolidations, patches ramps, factory floors, ramps, runways, platform, road shoulders, bridge foundations, cable laying, piling structures, under floors, canal, banks, trench beds etc.
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  • Electric Handy Concrete Vibrator

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    Smit’s powerful Hand Concrete Vibrator is used to remove Air Bubbles and settle concrete quickly and effectively. Its design is easy-to-use. Ergonomic handle of the Hand Concrete Vibrator helps you comfortably hold it for long stretches at a time; while its long shaft helps you reach different areas easily.

    We have Handy Concrete Vibrator of many qualities & makes with different frequencies, length of needles & dia of needles as per requirement. We also have branded as well as non branded “High Freqency / High Speed Concrete Vibrators.
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  • Fixed Form Concrete Road Paver India

    Fixed Form Concrete Road Paver

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    With the help of our adroit professionals, we offer you an exclusive range of Cement Processing Machines. Smit’s Fixed form Concrete Road Paver is one such machine. It is manufactured by employing a high-tech mechanism with slab thickness, which is been used in various applications including airports, runways, city roads, parking lots, and many more. It is an excellent machine configured to take on variable-width work.

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  • Wacker Neuson Frequency Convertor

    Frequency Convertor or Invertor

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    The most important requirement for processing concrete is a quickly established power connection with the right frequency and voltage. That is why we supply Wacker Neuson Frequency Converter, which is designed to be used as quickly and easily as possible. Whether it's small concrete work on private homes or a huge construction site in an urban building complex or a construction project – Frequency Convertor/Invertor by Wacker Neuson always works with the same efficiency output and a constantly high degree of reliability.

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  • Mini Tilting Mixer - Smit Corporation
  • Wacker neuson High frequency internal concrete vibrators dealer in Gujarat

    High Frequency Internal Vibrators

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    Productivity and long service life are some of the outstanding characteristics of the Wacker Neuson IREN's range of High-Frequency Internal Vibrators. Even under tough application conditions, these high-frequency internal vibrators will convince with an all-around consistently high compaction performance. Equipped with a high-performance electric motor and the induction-hardened vibrator head ensures high wear resistance.

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  • HMS Vibrator supplier in Gujarat

    HMS Vibrator

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    HMS Vibrator by Wacker Neuson is extremely flexible, yet offers the optimum sturdiness. Its High-quality engine is known for reliable and strong performance and meets the highest safety standards. The HMS Vibrator by Wacker Neuson Equipments, therefore, offers adaptation capabilities for the requirements on every construction site.

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  • Imported Bar Cutting Machine - Smit Corporation

    IMPORTED Bar Cutting Machine 42 mm Heavy Duty

    Call for Inquiry Smit Corporation Offers the best imported Bar Cutting Machine For your construction needs, Whose CUTTING DIAMETER is TMT REBARS 6 TO 42 MM, Freq. of Shock Cutting is 24 times / min, Oil Tank Capacity is 12 LTRS. If you are looking for more detail Contact us.
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  • SM-GQ40 Upto 32 mm Heavy Duty - Smit Corporation
  • INDIAN Bar Cutting Machine 42 Mm Heavy Duty - Smit Corporation

    INDIAN Bar cutting machine 42 mm Heavy Duty

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    • We offer a Bar cutting machine which is built to withstand heavy-duty use, this bar cutting machine features a durable cutting blade made of high-quality steel that can withstand the toughest materials.
    • It is designed to provide reliable and efficient performance, ensuring that you get the job done quickly and effortlessly.
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  • Jib Crane dealers in Surat

    Jib Crane 500 Kg Capacity

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    Jib Crane is an important part of any type of civil engineering work. Our Jib Crane 500kg Capacity is designed to meet the most demanding material handling Industrial requirements. It is widely known for its smooth finish, abrasion resistance and efficient functionality.

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  • Laser Screed - Smit Corporation
  • Monkey Hoist Supplier

    Monkey Hoist 200 Kg Capacity

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    Monkey Hoist 200Kg Capacity is a lifting equipment, which is useful in the construction of multi story building for lifting of bricks, steel, concrete, sand, cement and tiles. Owing to its design, it allows allow easy access to the sites. Acknowledged for its reliable service life, safe operation and compact dimensions, Monkey Hoist 200 Kg Capacity is manufactured using the finest components under the supervision of our experienced team of professionals.

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  • Multi Functional Tower Hoist supplier in Gujarat - Smit Corporation

    Multi Functional Tower Hoist

    Call for Inquiry Multi Functional Tower Hoist is a versatile piece of construction equipment that combines the functions of a crane and hoist into one compact and portable unit. It consists of a tall, adjustable tower structure made of steel or aluminum that is anchored to the ground, and a hoisting mechanism that runs up the tower and is powered by an electric motor. The hoist mechanism can lift heavy loads vertically, and can be equipped with a range of attachments, such as a basket, platform, or cable, to accommodate different types of loads. This type of hoist is commonly used in construction, maintenance, and industrial operations, where it is used to lift and move materials, tools, and equipment to and from elevated work sites.
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  • Petrol Vibrator Dealer

    Petrol / Kerosene Vibrator

    Call for Inquiry We also have heavy duty Concrete Vibrators for Concrete which runs on Diesel, Petrol or Kerosene as fuel for heavy projects and usage.
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  • Wacker neuson plate compactor dealer in India

    Plate Compactor

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    Compacting the ground is a precondition for stability. And it’s best to choose a vibratory plate from Wacker Neuson for compacting different types of ground. With a Plate Compactor from Wacker Neuson Equipments, it doesn’t matter what type of ground it is. Whether mixed soils, paving or asphalt: Wacker Neuson Plate Compactor can compact all common types of ground with the highest level of quality.

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  • Portable Baby Concrete Mixer

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    Smit Corporation offers greatly handy Portable Baby Concrete Mixer, which is quite useful for civil works. It can mix cement, sand for plastering. It can also mix cement, sand and concrete for small jobs. Portable Baby Concrete Mixer is used for smaller volume works, so that the concrete can be made at the construction site, giving the workers ample time to use the concrete before it hardens.

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  • Power Tools - Smit Corporation

    Power Tools

    Smit Corporation offers the best Power tools for your machines, which will help you at your Construction site. Contact us to buy now!
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  • Power Trowel Floater - Smit Corporation the best supplier of Construction Machinery.
  • Bull Float

    PQC Bull Float

    Call for Inquiry Finishing is a process that gives a concrete surface the desired smoothness, texture, and durability. Hence Smit Corporation offers an array of high-quality cement processing machines to help you ensure perfect finishing. A bull float is a tool used for finishing concrete, which is used to level and smooth freshly poured concrete. It is mainly used to level concrete used for visible projects - such as driveways, patios, and sidewalks, etc.
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  • PQC Texture Brush - Smit Corporation
  • Rebar coupler

    Rebar Coupler

    Call for Inquiry Rebar couplers are a parallel thread mechanical splicing system, used for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars. Each coupler consists of a piece of rebar equipped with a thread and coupler sleeve at the right end as viewed in the direction of installation.  Couplers are also suitable for use in reinforced concrete columns and walls. In construction joints, rebar couplers can be used to replace all pieces of rebar going through the formwork. Our couplers are widely appreciated due to their features such as Durability, Fine finish, Perfect quality, and Easy installation.
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  • Bar Processing Machine Dealer in Gujarat

    Rebar Thread Chaser

    Call for Inquiry Smit’s Rebar Thread Chaser is used to make Foundation Bolt/ Anchor Bolt for round bar and TMT bar.
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  • Rebar Threading Machine in Gujarat - Smit Corporation

    Rebar Threading Machine

    Call for Inquiry Our Rebar Threading Machine is used to do high production work with the best quality. Our advanced Threading Machine range is quite useful for construction projects. Made from high-density alloys that are designed for intricate incisions, Smit’s Threading Machine features unique properties of strength and speed.
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  • Rebar Wire Twister

    Rebar Wire Twister

    Call for Inquiry Rebar Wire Twister is high quality, Semi-automatic construction machine, it will save time and improve efficiency than total manual binding. It is easy to operate and can quickly twist the wire automatically with minimal force.
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  • Ride on Trowel Dealer
  • Road Groove Cutting Machine (Small) - Smit Corporation
  • Scrap Bar Straightening machine Supplier in India

    Scrap Bar Straightening Machine

    Call for Inquiry Smit Corporation provides Scrap Bar Straightening Machine that can straighten, tangled and twisted steel bar such as scrap in no time with utmost efficiency. It is extremely effective for civil construction, as the straightened steel can be effectively put back to use. Its advanced design ensures safety, reliability, easy operation as well as stable performance.
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  • Screed Board Vibrator - Smit Corporation one of the best Supplier in Gujarat, India.
  • Wacker neuson shutter external concrete vibrator dealer in India

    Shutter External Vibrator

    Call for Inquiry First-class concrete consolidation is crucial when it comes to producing concrete surfaces. Wacker Neusons' external vibrators make compacting in-situ concrete a breeze. It doesn’t only consolidate a single spot, but also the entire concrete mass.  
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  • Spiral Bending Machine (for piers) - Smit Corporation

    Spiral Bending Machine (for piers)

    Call for Inquiry An experienced tool used in construction, spiral bending machines are used to bend steel bars and rods into spiral shapes. concrete piers are frequently utilized to build reinforcement cages that offer stability and strength. The operator can change the speed and amount of bend to create the desired spiral shape as the machine pinches and rotates the steel. Several sizes and capabilities of spiral bending equipment are available for use in the field or the factory. They are necessary for building concrete piers that are secure and reliable.
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  • Stirrup Ring Making Machine

    Call for Inquiry Our Stirrup Ring Making Machine is widely appreciated for its enormous features such as high efficiency, excellent performance, sturdiness, and durability. Precisely manufactured by employing state-of-the-art technology and optimum quality components, various models of our advanced Ring Making Machine (i.e. GF20 and GF20 Single Phase, GF20 Digital, GF25, and GF20N) are suitable for the building sites and rebar processing factory.
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  • Suspended Rope Platform suppliers in Gujarat

    Suspended Rope Platform | Facade Access System

    Smit Corporation Offers the Suspended Rope Platform which is widely used for exterior construction of high-rise buildings, bridge construction, window cleaning, inspection & maintenance, refurbishing of outer wall construction, installing of curtain walls, and maintaining cleaning of mansions. It can specifically meet the demands of different projects, such as for ships, chimneys, and for checking elevators. It is convenient to operate, safe and reliable, and high efficiency. Facade Access System/Gondola is generally praised in the industry due to good materials, fine workmanship, reliable quality and favorable price.
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  • Wacker neuson tamping rammer dealer in Gujarat

    Tamping Rammer

    Call for Inquiry WackerFrom the wide product portfolio of Wacker Neuson equipment, we offer Wacker Neuson Tamping Rammer to guarantee first-class soil compaction results. It is developed to ensure maximum productivity, performance, and durability. It is used on construction sites, in gardening and landscaping, or for municipal construction work. However, it is also suitable for compaction work indoors or in trenches.  Its Compact design offers easy operation.
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  • Texure Comb

    Texure Comb

    Call for Inquiry

    From a wide-ranging portfolio of Smit’s Cement Processing machines, The Texure Comb is used to texture concrete. It's a rugged yet lightweight texturing tool designed to produce a grooved finish and provide non-skid traction. It is used on highway and bridge surfaces - inclined ramps and drives, airport runways, also for livestock facilities, etc. 

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    TMT Bar Cold Forging

    Call for Inquiry TMT Bar Cold Forging Machine is used in construction to bulge rebar before threading operation to make diameter equal so that tensile strength can be maintained. We offer exceptional quality of Rebar Cold Forging Machine having rigid structure and optimum functionality.
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  • Tower Crane - Smit Corporation
  • Tower Hoist with H Frame - Smit Corporation

    Tower Hoist

    Call for Inquiry

    Smit Corporation Offers the best Tower Hoist which is widely used for lifting and lowering loads at construction sites. Our hoists are manufactured by our experienced professionals using the finest quality raw material and progressive technology. Our Multi-functional Tower Hoist, Tower Hoist without H-frame is widely appreciated for its excellent durability, resistance against corrosion, and Sturdy construction.

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  • Tower hoist dealer in Gujarat

    Tower Hoist without H Frame

    Call for Inquiry

    Tower Hoist


    Smit’s Tower Hoist without H Frame is heavy-duty and yet requires minimum maintenance. They are used to lift concrete and other construction material for slab construction. Smit’s Tower Hoists are easy to install and are built to ensure safety at the construction site

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  • VDF Machine - Smit Corporation
  • Walk Behind Double Drum Roller

    Walk Behind Double Drum Roller

    A Walk Behind Double Drum Roller is used to flatten the surface before paving. After the pouring phase, the roller levels the pavement to make it even. Double Dum roller works great for preparing and improving surfaces and is the best choice for heavy-duty asphalt applications. The outstanding design of Smit’s Double Drum Roller can enable superior operation around corners, over bumps or dips, and in confined areas.
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  • Walk Behind Single Drum Roller
  • Wet Screed Dealer

    Wet Screed

    Call for Inquiry Powered with a Honda engine, Wet Screed by the Wacker Neuson Equipments brand is used to fit with a variety of blades for finishing concrete slabs. Its full-height Twin handle system is angle adjustable for operator comfort. It's Lightweight, squeeze grip handle is also foldable for easy storage and transport.
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